Writing paper on crime prevention approaches in australia

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All the above factors should be taken into consideration by local authorities that are involved in the effort of reducing youth crime. It should be noticed that the role of the community is crucial for the reduction of youth crime, not only because the specific issue is highlighted by researchers and institutions in Australia, but also because the community usually intervenes in all activities of people living within its borders. For this reason, Korn (1997, 5) referring to the prevention of youth crime in Australia stated that an effective approach used when trying to develop plans for reducing youth crime in Australia would refer to the following issues: ‘a) assistance with parenting skills. b) structured pre-school education, enhanced literacy, and numeracy coaching if required. c) support for teachers dealing with badly behaved pupils, clear policies to deal with bullying. d) the whole of school programs to address truancy and exclusion which aim to keep young people in school not out, e) positive leisure activities which enhance a young person’s skills to resist peer group’ and so on (Korn, 1997, 5).

In other words, all approaches used in Australia in order to reduce youth crime should involve specific initiatives related to the community and the support to young people offering chances for them for creative activities.In accordance with a report published by Human Rights News (2005), ‘there are at least 2,225 child offenders serving life without parole (LWOP) sentences in U.S prisons for crimes committed before they were age 18. the United States is one of only a few countries in the world that permit children to be sentenced to LWOP. the Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by every country in the world except the United States and Somalia, forbids this practice, and at least 132 countries have rejected the sentence altogether’.

In other words, the measures taken against young offenders in the USA can be characterized as rather strict if taking into account the age of the offenders and the damage caused to their lives in the future. In the case of the USA, the existence of different jurisdictions (in accordance with the states) leads to the development of different approaches regarding the limitation of youth crime.