writing homework on The Concept of Humanism.

Need help with my writing homework on The Concept of Humanism. Write a 1250 word paper answering; There are three major types of contexts that an individual can view humanity from, and these are, religious, secular, and renaissance humanism (Zimmermann, 14). On most occasions, scholars who are speaking on humanism normally tend to ignore these types of humanism, and they speak of it, from a general perspective. This has an impact of causing confusion, to the audience of these scholars. In defining humanism, Durbin explains that there does not exist a general definition of this concept of humanism, but it depends on the context in which an individual views it (Durbin, 6). For instance, renaissance humanism refers to the movement that began in the middle ages, which gave mankind the ability to determine the truth or falsehood, by themselves (Durbin, 11). This movement is also characterized by the restoration of classical letters. Secular humanism emerged in the 18th century, because of the growth of the rationalism movement, and the emergence of a well-educated group of people, who wanted to view humanity, based on a rational approach (Durbin, 22). On the other hand, religious humanism is closely associated with an ethical culture, universalism, and Unitarianism. Therefore, the best way of defining humanism, is by analyzing it, based on the different types of humanism that exists. Almási tries to come up, with a general definition of humanism, and he defines it as an ethical and philosophical stance, which is able to emphasize the value of human beings, either collectively and individually (Almasi, 16). This paper takes a stand that to understand the concept of humanism, there is a need of analyzing the three major contexts of humanism that is religious, renaissance, and secular humanism.

Religious humanism is a concept that came out of the culture of universalism, Unitarianism, and ethics. In modern times, almost everybody who advocates for ethics, and Unitarianism, can be considered as a modern-day humanist. However, there is a dilemma on whether their world views are religious or not. Good (33) argues that those who take a philosophical approach in identifying these people can be viewed as secular humanists, while those who view them from a religious perspective, are considered as religious humanists.