writing homework on Strategic Management of English as a Second Language.

Need help with my writing homework on Strategic Management of English as a Second Language. Write a 1250 word paper answering; It has been depicted that despite considering English as a second language, students are not been able to ensure efficient results within their academic learning. People often avoid themselves interacting with others who are fluent in English since their knowledge with regard to the same is quite lethargic. This aspect takes place mostly in schools where children with less fluency in English tend to remain secluded from the ones who is quite good in this particular domain of study. The quote presented within the study Pappamihiel (2002) i.e. “In fact, preservice teachers who go out into the schools often write in their journals that ELL students often interact less in the mainstream classroom, choosing instead to remain as far away as possible from the action of the classroom.” (Pappamihiel, 2002, pp. 1) depicts the lack of interaction between two separate groups owing to the language of English as a barrier.

There is also assumed to be a relationship between English language anxiety in English Language Learners (ELL) and English Language Anxiety Setting (ELAS), which further influence the confidence of individuals associated with speaking English. In this context, language accommodation has been highlighted as an important approach used towards dealing with the language issues of the people or the students, to be specific. In a similar topic, the learning of any individual with regard to the English language is also deemed to extensively impacted by the level of anxiety he/she is dealing with. This means that people who are scared towards learning and speaking English will find it quite difficult to execute the entire process. A fear towards the learning of the language will certainly result as negative for the learner. To depict the relation amid anxiety and learning, English as a second language has been one of the core ideas presented by Pappamihiel (2002) within the study. Elaborating more on the prevalence of anxiety in learning, the study has also provided a notion with regard to the various forms of anxiety that exists in a considerable manner (Pappamihiel, 2002).