writing homework on Organization Security Plan. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Organization Security Plan. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

Nonetheless, each office should have a computer with restricted use:The Sever and other computers in the department are linked by certain internet cables while the remainders are connected by an 800.11 g wireless network with an access port. All machines, laptops and other computers run Windows XP Professional (Erbschloe, 2005).After comparing each computer against a checklist in a security guide for the department, it is identified that virus protection was missing on six computers, antivirus was not updated for three computers, many users complained about spam while no protection was in place.

A random sampling found that many people did not use passwords (International Maritime Organization, 2011). None of the computers was password protected. The department had the insurance people the previous year. thus, the department had ensured a good quality on all doors, alarms and window locks. However, no computer had a serial number etched on the case while the department did not also have a log of the serial numbers. The department faces the risk of email and password cracking by intruders who want to access the weapon information (Vellani, 2007). hence, the use of passwords must be ensured.

Ensuring that weapons or arsenals used by the military are listed in documents that are kept secret and accessed only by specific persons accredited by the department. The trusted people with such information should be protected and their moves monitored to prevent sharing of important information with other people.Restore procedure sand review backup. This would ensure that user data is stored on the server or even copied across regularly before reviewing the backups. Daily backups should be implemented and ensuring that a full backup is password protected and encrypted (Hunsicker, 2008).

After completing the first draft, the directors shall review it together with the company attorney general before rolling it out.&nbsp.