Writing homework on Machiavelli and Morality

Need help with my writing homework on Machiavelli and Morality. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Machiavelli dedicated the first half of the book to assess different kinds of principalities, with examples drawn from classical and modern history to expose political strategies that worked for the rulers. In the then political culture, he contends that the Prince can only rule over hereditary principalities when he conquers particular principalities of interest or sets up a colony in that territory. This is arguably a case of pure lack of morality on the ruler’s part as he or she would deny the people of the conquered territory of their hard-earned political freedom.


As Berlin (1) noted, Machiavelli arguably advocates for expanding the territory to another principality in his advice that the Prince must use force and or violence to remove the culture and institutions of influence which the previous Prince depended on in that principality. He adds that the amoral, violent way is the only deterrent to a rebellion that might be staged by the remaining elements. Machiavelli proceeds to cite the successes of the Romans as the fruits of this conquest strategy. By failing to criticize the willingness to annex new territories via conquest and his reference to the confrontation that follows such annexations as very normal and ordinary, Machiavelli arguably advocates for the amoral political world.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUlGtrHCGzs

. To demonstrate his point, he particularly looks at Alexander the Great positively as he extends the praise to his foot soldiers whose support enabled him to control the principalities they annexed (Berlin 1). And in justifying the degree of amoral ways of governance, most probably to remain well reasoned, he differentiates between ruling people who had been under the control of a dictator and those who had been previously freer and more autonomous. Machiavelli argues that populations who had been subject to the adversities of absolute power would be more difficult to turn towards a new center of influence. Still, upon their conquering, their loyalty would be guaranteed by the same system of governance established by the previous rulers.

Assignment two

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic a clockwork orange by anthony burgess. While trying to rob a rich lady he ends up getting in jail where he gets convicted for the murder of the women. In order to incorporate a sense of positive behavior inside him, the authorities make him go through a treatment, which makes him sick with even the thought of committing a crime. By the end of the book, the treatment is reversed, however, if he`s been a conformist, the results would have had a positive influence. In this context, the behavioral dimensions explicated by Alex can be understood with reference to Freud`s analysis of civilization and its discontents. Freud (70) states that kindness is the highest form of the exhibition of super-ego which suppresses one`s desire to inflict aggression. Therefore, Alex is in conflict with the civilization due to his deep-rooted inclination towards aggression, where he seeks pleasure and satisfaction by inflicting violence and committing sins due to the super-ego element in his conscience, and thus he goes to the extent of committing suicide.

The first sign pointing towards the proposition that Alex is at odd with the civilization is his tastes and natural inclinations, which are completely opposite to what a conformist would prefer. This argument must not be confused with the criminal mindset, since even a conformist could have a criminal mindset but for different reasons. According to Freud (34), the civilizations have flawed standards of measurement i.e. power, wealth, or in a few cases prestige with the long term aim to enhance one`s social position in the society. On the other hand, in the case of Alex, he isn`t deeply indulged in criminal activities to enhance his status in society, rather due to the opposite sense of reasoning. He aims at maintaining his aggressive sense of self to seek satisfaction and to attain pleasure. This state of consciousness can be&nbsp.traced in Freud’s line of reasoning as the severity of super-ego which in the case of Alex isn`t dominated by society`s sense of right and wrong.&nbsp.