writing homework on Cola Biscuit in the Coca Cola Company.

Need help with my writing homework on Cola Biscuit in the Coca Cola Company. Write a 1750 word paper answering; Cola products fully utilized primary sources like the questioners and personal interviews together with a variety of secondary sources in gauging the demand for the named product in the beverage industry. The analysis obtained positive results whereby most people who like soft drinks more often than not buy cakes or biscuits as they claimed that the combination of the two delivered much-fulfilling refreshment. However, others were quite skeptical of the product and therefore much advertisement and sensitization are necessary in order to convince more people to like the product. The proposal also recommends that one method of popularizing the product, by distributing the Cola Biscuits together with other Coca-Cola products like Fanta, Coke, and Sprite. This way they will attract more attention and consequently generate more revenue through increased sales. Case studies have also shown that most Coca-Cola customers usually take beverages with other snacks like cakes and biscuits. This presents a great opportunity for the Coca-Cola Company to expand more by diversifying its products to suit the customers’ needs. Finally, this proposal recognizes the heightened competition that the brand new product will face and recommends for an aggressive marketing strategy to counter similar products from other companies.

Since its inception, the Coca-Cola Company has been operating in the beverage industry with its main products being the soft drinks and mineral water. However, there are many supplementary products sold together with Fanta, Daso, Coke, and Sprite. Most people like taking Sodas with biscuits, cakes, or doughnuts but their main allure is the biscuits. In every Coca-Cola retail store, there are these products from other companies meaning that these go hand in hand with the products of the Coca-Cola Company. Therefore, there is a need by the Coca-Cola Company to tap into these prospective customers to be able to sell only its products in the retail stores.