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School uniforms are not only beneficial to students but also to the parents. Civilian clothing items are subject to constant fashion changes and variations. In this society, which is struggling with numerous economic challenges such as scarcity of jobs and a high cost of living, parents can afford to embrace any measure that can reduce pressure on their limited income. One of such measures is to make it mandatory for students to wear school uniforms as they are not subject to fashion changes. In this context, parents will not have to dig deeper into their pockets to buy their children new clothes so that they can compete with their fellow schoolmates on the ground of who is wearing what and whether it is outdated or not. Furthermore, schools are not venues for fashion and beauty contests. They are institutions of learning and therefore, any distraction from the main goal, academic excellence, should be eliminated at the earliest time possible. This way, students will concentrate in classes unlike when they would have to keep on admiring other people’s clothes while teaching is in progress (Hamilton 46).&nbsp.

Discipline is an important virtue, which must be upheld in all academic institutions. To achieve this, everything possible must be done in order to facilitate and make it easier for the stakeholders in the education sector to monitor the behavior of students while in and out of school. As it may be noted, students wearing civilian clothes are difficult to identify and differentiate from other citizens and this may facilitate them with the liberty of sneaking in and out of school without necessarily being noticed (Field 49). It may come as a surprise to the parents that it is possible for their children to leave home for school but end up on the streets where they get involved in criminal activities such as drug trafficking and abuse as well as other practices such as mugging unsuspecting residents, only to come home in the evening without raising suspicion. School uniforms, therefore, are vital in promoting class attendance as those who may decide otherwise would be easy to note.