Writing assignment on the idea of a university by roger scruton

I need some assistance with these assignment. the idea of a university by roger scruton Thank you in advance for the help! Scruton’s purpose, in this article, is to impress upon the readers that Newman’s ideas implied the creation of ideal gentlemen for the society in universities. however, the current educational institutions are far way away from producing ideal gentlemen. That is why. it is essential to create new universities that can implement Newman’s ideas, not necessarily in the physical space. Scruton through didactic tone conveys his readers the idea that existing institutions fail to manage transition from adolescence to adulthood (“The Idea of a University” par. 9): that is why. we need to find a better way where it is worth spending family savings on a four-year course (“The Idea of a University” par. 5).

Scarton in “The idea of a university” uses definition, cause/effect, and problem/solution as rhetorical modes of writing. He uses Newman’s concept to define the idea of his proposed university as cause and effect to validate his claim, and problem and solution to identify issues and provide the outcome. The structure of the essay is more like a presentation of a judicial case to the juries. in this case, the juries are readers. Scruton develops his arguments using the claim of value, claim of the cause, claim of definition and claim of policy. The claim of value, in this case, Newman’s concept of the idea of the university (logos). The claims of cause and definition describe why the current educational institutions fail to produce Newman’s ideal gentlemen (pathos). The claim of policy suggests building universities in the cyberspace and implementation of Cardinal John Henry Newman’s ideas in these universities (ethos).

All through the essay, Scruton’s uses deductive tone. He opens his claim by informing the readers who Newman was and how he envisioned the principal function of a University, “For Newman, a university does not exist simply to convey information or expertise. The University is a society in which the student absorbs the graces and accomplishments of a higher form of life.