Writing assignment on the customer experience of the werribee park

I need some assistance with these assignment. the customer experience of the werribee park Thank you in advance for the help! Due to its rich culture and historical heritage, The Park is being maintained by Parks Victoria as it provides a great attraction for history lovers and for people who like to get to know more about different stories attached to the park.

As you enter the mansion, You are drawn by the brilliance of the mansion with its bright white background, You become mesmerized and drawn in by the simplistic yet brilliant structure. You can see each room being immaculately restored to show how the church used each of the mansion’s articles.

It gives the visitor a true experience with its various tours such as the tower tour, where one can learn more about its history and background of how students used to live in that era and time. It also gives you an opportunity to study the entire structure and architecture of the building with its unique customer-oriented and knowledgeable experience.

To get the tickets and to find your way is quite easy as all the tickets for the tour are available at their gift shop or the Gate lodge. They have made it easy for any visitor to navigate around the Park which gives the tourist the ease to choose and decide what they want to see and what parts they would like to visit of the park.

You can also experience the park from a new dimension and see it through the eyes of a worker if you visit the Park’s Farmyard. You can tell the vast difference between the life of the people who lived inside the mansion and those who lived outside. You can even experience the natural and manmade rivers that provide a relaxing experience to the visitor once he or she is done roaming around the Park.

Those who do not wish to take a lot of tours can also buy an audio wand from the gift shop which gives you all the details and stories of all the areas of the park. It is also an excellent Souvenir for yourself to take back home.

For those who wish to stay back and engage in other exciting activities, the park offers a precinct within the park that has a variety of places such as the Café, The Gift shop, Sofitel mansion and spa and a winery known as Shadowfax Winery. It also has a safari for those who love the wildlife at the Werribee Open Range Zoo.