Writing assignment on . sports education and society

I need some assistance with these assignment. sports education and society Thank you in advance for the help! Basketball has helped children benefit in many ways such as keeping fit and in good health building strong bones and muscles and thereby building up their overall intensity and strength. Basketball players learn how to win and lose gracefully besides building good habits of tolerance and cooperation both on and off the field.

This paper, besides being a critical evaluation of the role and impact of sport within our society, also highlights the facts of why it is so important to incorporate it within the National Curriculum. This research paper has information from both primary as well as secondary sources that include sports journals, books, authentic online sites, and important press releases.

Basketball traces its humble beginnings to the year 1861 when John Naismith was trying to search for a game for the students of School for Christian Workers, in Springfield, Massachusetts, to play during the icy New England winter season. A new game was invented by him by making use of the indoor gymnasium and placing two peach baskets at either end which served as goals through which soccer balls had to be shot. Naismith hadn’t the least idea that this sport of basketball would progress to become one of the most popular sports ever that would spread worldwide. Globalization of sports has led to an integration of cultures, harmonious relations among communities when they work as a team, promotion of health and many other social benefits (Smoll and Smith 2006 pp. 101-109).

Modern Basketball has seen a few changes over time, but the basics remain the same. This sport is especially popular with students of the elementary, middle and high- schools, as well as post-school, in colleges and beyond that the NBA (National Basketball Association) and FIBA (International Basketball Federation) the NCAA (US National Collegiate Athletic Association- men) and the women’s NCAA games. The rules for each category differ&nbsp.a little from each other especially between the men and women categories.