Writing assignment on raging grannies

I need some assistance with these assignment. raging grannies Thank you in advance for the help! They organize peaceful protests and sing their political messages in places such as shopping malls, city halls, armed forces recruiting centers where they stage anti-globalization demonstrations. Furthermore, they have perfected the art of humor to draw the attention of the public and authorities to various issues that afflict the society (Sawchuk, 2013). Evidently, these women are feminists that use the satirical protest to advance their mission of social justice. In this regard, this paper explores the major strategies that raging grannies employ in fulfilling their mission.

Raging grannies insist that they do not entertain the public with their humor but actually seek to advance various interventions regarding the issues in question. Incidentally, they have a powerful mission that reads:

The voices of raging grannies transcend the borders of North America. Moreover, they have a powerful determination to rally the world towards embracing the best practices in order to mend the broken social fabric. In this regard, they have spread to other countries. They usually dress up in clothes that betray the stereotypes of older women. Thus, they have had a long history of attention from journalists.

Raging grannies first came into focus in Victoria, BC in 1987 (Caissie, 2011, 126-142). Evidently, they had registered various frustrations regarding societal ills such as sexism and ageism that existed in the society. Incidentally, past traditional modes of protesting did not bear any fruit. Thus, these women decided to exploit various forms of protesting to raise the attention to the issues that were of great concern. Consequently, they gathered on Valentine’s Day and presented an oversized card to the chairman of the federal defense committee (Sawchuck, 2009). This presentation was in protest of the nuclear policies in Canada.