Writing assignment on making sense of your world

I need some assistance with these assignment. making sense of your world Thank you in advance for the help! The main question from the worldview to each individual is how do you view or see the world? In understanding worldview, therefore, there are beliefs and patterns taken by various people so as to try and explain these challenging phenomena. Some of them include the religious worldview, with the majority being the Christian worldview, scientific worldview, political worldview, culture, and many different sub categories in which one may decide to view the world, including relationships and business. In summary, a worldview can be seen as a conception of the world that is comprehensive from a particular standpoint (Holmes 5). My personal world view is a Christian worldview. My personal beliefs and experiences have made me decide that the Christian worldview explains and makes me understand challenging phenomena in the world.

In supporting the Christian worldview, there are various terms that have to be understood. The changing patterns and ways of life and the world at large are considered worldview according to personal assertion and observation. Christian worldview tries to explain this changing pattern hence making it is easy for me to understand and explain various things in my environment. It is important to understand the terms like reality, ignorance, and informed view when trying to explain the Christian Worldview perspective. The reality of the world is usually expressed by the patterns affecting one’s daily life, people, therefore, develop beliefs and faith. Ignorance is taken to be the lack of knowledge or idea about something but has always been not accepted as an excuse for not understanding and judging what is right or wrong. Many people are ignorant since they do not have an informed view of what life is all about. People of this caliber live without goals, ambitions, visions, and dreams. An informed view can easily be acquired by gaining knowledge through relevant institutions such as schools. Such a view is further boasted by acquiring experience through day-to-day life.