Writing assignment on iphone and blackberry still hold the biggest market share

I need some assistance with these assignment. iphone and blackberry still hold the biggest market share Thank you in advance for the help! The market opportunities for itinerant software and mobile contents are huge and engaging. As an example, the sales for ringtone download in Europe and Japan totaled US$5 billion in 2003. Moreover, it is a worldwide size truthful market that is not only solely accessed by major corporations, however conjointly by tiny and agile developers. The success of this market is considered to be versatile enough to fulfill or surpass the necessities of customers with engaging pricing strategy. Thus, it is vital to grasp the behavior or perspective of customers toward specific reasonable mobile software (Osman et al 2011).

Despite the sheer size of the mobile software market, the prevailing body of data continues to be less and much between for the adequate understanding of the shoppers’ perspective towards the employment of assorted mobile software. Therefore the aim of this paper is to look at the perspective of consumer’s behavior toward different types of smartphones for various functionalities like email, games, applications, ringtones, and other software. This paper provides an explanation of the Smartphone market and the shopper’s attitudes in the world. This information is especially valuable for mobile software developers and marketers in shaping their selling ways in an exceedingly simpler manner. Additionally, this study provides the elemental information that future works should be designed on to derive at specific issues. Starting with the question, which smartphones are highly appreciated in the market today? There are many smartphones on the market, high priced smartphones, and affordable smartphones. When the subject arises about the high priced smartphones we list phones like iPhone, Blackberry and other expensive devices, whereas affordable smartphones include Samsung, HTC, and Nokia.&nbsp.The student population in the United States tends to buy Apple iPhones as shown by the smartphones sales figures of all ages. According to NPD market analysis organization, smartphone sales overall placed RIM Blackberry in the lead with more than thirty-four percent of the total market share, followed by Android phones with twenty-eight percent and then Apple with twenty-one percent.