Writing assignment on ideology and international relations in the modern world

I need some assistance with these assignment. ideology and international relations in the modern world Thank you in advance for the help! The inter-reactions between other countries are only for settling disputes between themselves, but at the same time, the main question to be kept in mind is the choice of the monarch. There are many other factors which should influence the decisions of individual countries, but all countries want to be independent first and effective for the improvement of a lot of their people and other people afterward. Till a few years back, there were two powers with one situated in Washington and the other in Moscow and they could not afford to fight with each other. This led them to battles in absentia in the Third World and those were among the countries that were supported by one of the two superpowers. This led to conflicts among the two for the political allegiance of Asians, Africans, or Latin Americans. This was the method of promotion of the two so-called ideologies – capitalism or communism. The only possible alternative, which existed in places where these conflicts were not desired, was the Cold War. (Cassels, 1996, p. 207) Yet the development or reactions of countries were dependants not on their benefits, but the desire of the two leaders.

Today, the conflict of the state has deteriorated further and all are based on constitutions which define the political authorities of the country, or the countries within the area. These consist of states, countries dependant on other states and even international organizations some of whom are even for the commercial benefit of groups of shareholders. It is they who control trade, control the flow of money and investment within the area, invade other countries within the area, ally with some groups for the benefit of their masters, intervene in the ongoing civil conflicts within other states, etc.