Writing assignment on development and management of a visitor attraction

I need some assistance with these assignment. development and management of a visitor attraction Thank you in advance for the help! A visitor attraction is s place that has appealing features to draw visitors from varying walks of life into it. Additionally, the tourist attraction site normally has cultural value and unique ambiance that visitors admire and therefore visit to relax and enjoy. Examples of cultural value include extinct animals including white elephants and other cultural artifacts. The visitor attraction site under discussion in this paper is located in the Lake District in the North-Western part of England, Cumbria. The attraction site currently serves as England’s largest National park and is within the jurisdiction of England. The location of the national park comprises other features that include lake, falls, and mountains which offer beautiful scenery especially for hikers and mountain climbers. National contests have already identified the place for climbing and other contest activities. With these and other features, Lake District remains a major tourist attraction for foreign and local tourists. The discussion in this paper sets out to discuss two main elements of developing a visitor attraction site. First, the processes and potential issues involved in the development of visitor attractions and secondly, the sustainable visitor management techniques needed to sustain the tourist attraction site.&nbsp.

Numerous factors affect the development of a visitor attraction site including location like catchment areas, relationships with stakeholders, and sources of funding. The two discussed factors are location and relationships with stakeholders. According to Goeldner & Ritchie (2009), the location of visitors attraction sites influences factors such as transportation, hospitality, and related services, weather, entertainment, and other factors. The Lake District Directory (2014) highlights that the area’s geography comprises of snow-capped mountains, natural lakes, and stunning waterfalls as well as grassy valleys.