Writing assignment on adaption of ontologies in business process management

I need some assistance with these assignment. adaption of ontologies in business process management Thank you in advance for the help! At present, there is absolutely no specific strategy to develop an ontology. Nevertheless, there is certainly a couple of steps to ontology developed identified as follows:

The study section of Semantic Business Process Management (SBPM) (Hepp et al, 2005) gives the ideas and systems of the Semantic Web to BPM. Thus, it seeks to attain an increased amount of automation relating to the querying, treatment, and control of business processes and the utilization and growth and development of related process information. This needs a machine-accessible depiction of the terms employed in process details and inquiries. In the background of process modeling, this implies that the terms in procedure models are theoretically explained with ideas of an ontology. Making use of these semantic annotations an automatic arrangement of the control flow of process models is achievable as presented in Henneberger et al (2008).

The IT view of a Business Process Management relies upon a prescriptive, executable kind, focusing at an operating software program (driven by the service-oriented paradigm), the company view of a BP continues to be at an automatic stage, with versions separate from the root engineering. For its profound dynamics, a business model is extremely user friendly, simple to be examined and grasped by people, however simultaneously shows a bit of ambiguity, incompleteness, displaying frequently inner contradictions. The dichotomy between business and IT strategies that corresponds to a significant issue in business automation continues to be resolved by the Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) strategy suggested by the OMG. The MDA strategy is set up in three primary stages, with the development of modelling routines that move from a company point of view.