Writing aer on non-language and a language process

I need some assistance with these assignment. non-language and a language process Thank you in advance for the help! Chen is a sort of pariah at school, often subjected to ridicule as he did such things as taking off his shoes when entering a room or squatting on the floor even when there are chairs around. No one has exactly told Chen to his face that he was odd, but the snickering behind his back did not escape unnoticed and this made him very insecure and hostile of his surroundings.

Chen and I are classmates at one of the courses he is taking and my heart goes out to him every time I see him between classes, alone and looking miserable in a corner but showing no inclination to give himself a social life on campus. Eventually, I decided to talk some sense into him, intending to persuade him that his education in globalization will not be complete if he continued keeping his distance from other people. In the process, I expected again a new friend. I saw the opportunity to open the conversation with Chen when I caught his eye one day as he looked up from the book he was reading on a bench at the school playground.

This is more or less how I started the conversation: “All of the school notice that you keep to yourself all the time. We wish to make friends with you to make your stay in this school worthwhile. don’t you want us to be your friends, too? From the school records, I understand that you’re studying here because of a long-term goal to make good in international business. That kind of business pursuit requires that you be good at dealing with all kinds of people, you know.”

After some hesitation, Chen bowed and responded: “All of you seem to be nice people, but I didn’t come here to socialize, sorry. And we Chinese deal with people our own way.” He ended the conversation then and there, indicating that I failed to communicate my intended message to him. The way the conversation turned out, I made a new enemy instead of gaining a friend. After some hesitation, Chen bowed and responded.