Local environmental epidemiology

You have a choice – pick one article, either:

  • Gignac et al. “Co-creating a local environmental epidemiology study: the case of citizen science for investigating air pollution and related health risks in Barcelona, Spain”
  • Krengel et al. “Health symptom trajectories and neurotoxicant exposures in Gulf War veterans: The Ft. Devens cohort.”
  • https://eazyweezyhomeworks.com/order/

They are quite different types of articles, so make sure to look at each one before you decide which to choose. Do not worry if you are not completely familiar with the statistical techniques; the results are clearly described in such a way that will not require deep familiarity.

Write approximately 2 to 3 pages double-spaced and make sure to include your name and the title of the article you’re reviewing.  You should cover the elements listed below, and you may decide to add some that I have not listed. Your assignment should be in narrative style, without including a heading for each of the elements listed in the attached instructions.