Write an article on video games and their effects

Write an article on video games and their effects Paper must be at least 1250 words.

The history of video games dates back to the mid-19th century when engineers and academics began producing and designing artificial intelligence programs as part and parcel of their computer science research projects. However, video game popularity reached its peak in the 1970s and 1980s after the introduction of arcade video games and gaming consoles. This paved way for the introduction of video games to the general public.


Decades later, the evolution of very complex video games has led to a lot of “addiction” especially within children and young adults. It can also be attributed to the fact that parents have opted to buy video games and install them at home as a means of entertainment for their children. This has led to a lot of concerns among these parents themselves and teachers of these children who are of the view that these video games are consuming a lot of time and if the parents and guardians do not look into the matter today, these children will not grow up to be effective scholars.

As a major public health concern, anger management deserves much concern. Anger-related behavior such as aggression and violence has been named some of the many reasons children are brought to anger-management institutions for mental health services. Previous research using experimental manipulation and co relational methods has proved that exposure to violent media such as video games talked about earlier, causes children and young adults to behave in an aggressive manner.

Research on violent media has explained the term aggressive behavior as acts meant to injure or annoy another individual. According to Anderson and Bushman (2001), the use of violent video games has been related to aggressive cognition, aggressive affect, and physiological arousal. There might be bi-directional causal influences at play. already aggressive children will more likely give the violent video game priority. Months later the effect of playing these violent games is experienced.

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submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Exploring Online Training Opportunities.

Online raining of adults therefore refers to the use of the internet in improving the technical skills of an adult. Such is a contemporary feature in learning and improving productivity in workplaces since the internet provides efficient ways of facilitating the training process (O’Toole & Essex, 2012).

This proposal designs an effective online training of employees in an organization. The employees have a definite basic education and therefore Have the ability to access and use the internet in undertaking numerous activities including the raining. Additionally, the employees are busy individuals who spend most of their tie at the organization working thus require a considerate learning time table in order to improve efficiency. Finally, the employees have the financial ability t purchase the numerous learning materials required to facilitate online training. With such understanding, it becomes possible to develop an effective online training program that will result in improving the quality of the human resource in the organization.

On job employee training is a vital tool used by the management in improving the quality of their productivity. The management must always improve productivity in the organization by ensuring that the employees have appropriate technical skills to enhance productivity. As such, the management must devise appropriate ways of enhancing the technical skills of the employees through effective job training. Among the reasons for the following online training, include enhancing the productivity of the organization by equipping the employees with appropriate technical skills required to facilitate the production. To motivate the employees, investing in employees by improving the quality of their productivity motivates them thus improving their loyalty to the organization. Finally, online training seeks to improve the appreciation of technology in the organization.