write an article on three types of crime are organized crime, sexual crimes and homicides.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on three types of crime are organized crime, sexual crimes and homicides. attempt to explain their causes by examining at least three different criminological theories for each type of crime. how do explanations for the causes of these crimes help determine Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The basic motive behind the establishment of the departments of police, prisons and judiciary appeared to be protecting the people from being a victim of harm, violence and offensive attacks, so that they could lead their life in a peaceful and pleasant environment. Apparently, these institutions looked successful in controlling the crimes, yet mere use of force turned out to be deficient in eliminating the crime from society. Consequently, the authorities decreed for the exploration of crime phenomenon to discover the reasons and drives behind committing of crimes. The researches were conducted and theories were articulated in order to explore the nature, type and intensity of crimes on the one hand and causes behind such despicable activities on the other. The criminologist theorists, on the concrete foundations of their researches, declared organized crimes, sexual offences and homicide as the most frequently committed crimes, which created chaos, disturbance and disorder in society. They tried to identify some solid reasons behind committing of these crimes. This paper aims to discuss these three types of crimes in the light of labeling, control and conflict theoretical frameworks devised and established by the criminologist theorists in order to wipe out the crimes by reaching their root-cause and ways to tackle with them with an iron hand.

Organized crimes refer to the crimes that are committed with prior preparation and planning in order to take benefit out of the harms inflicted upon others in cold blood. Hence, organized crimes are not accidental ones in nature, and intentions behind them are generally financial corruption, white collar crimes, drug trafficking, terrorism, embezzlement and robbery etc. “Organized crime is both more and less than the average person understands it to be. It is more pervasive, more dangerous, and more diverse.