write an article on Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support Department of Defense. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support Department of Defense. It needs to be at least 500 words. Multinational corporations and the departments of defense must always consider extending collaboration plans to its allies and coalition partners overseas. This is always important when operations in the foreland regions approach the homeland. These partners and allies provide logistical and information support (Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States, 2007).

Interagency coordination is a vital element since it enables the department of defense to engage the USA agencies for the purpose of achieving an objective. It forges a mutual relationship between other constitutional entities and the national power. This is done through sharing of awareness, planning together, incorporated training education and ground operations. The understanding of nonmilitary capability is what makes it successful. On the other hand, protection is considered during planning for homeland and civil mission in four primary aspects namely:

1. Active defense includes its bases, communication lines necessary infester and protecting the joint force.

2. Passive attack: included measures that make friendly forces. applying technology and procedures to reduce risk.

3. Emergency management and response: involve reducing the loss of personals and capabilities due to accidents. It goes further to include the use of forces, systems and civil infrastructure of other nations.

4. Tactical control: it involves the provision of directive control for FP to GCC. It also allows the GCC to change, prescribes, enforce, modify, and other conditions of covered individuals.

The public affairs involvement in the operations of the homeland come in handy and includes supporting the joint force commander, through giving of truthful and unclassified information on the activities of the defense forces in the United State. The role of public affairs in homeland operation simply narrows to ensure that all federal agencies provide factual consistent and speak in one voice to the public. Therefore, it must be included in all planning and coordination of homeland security.

Since the Armed forces of the United States are required to work under harsh conditions, which could be considered dangerous for human contact. For example, due to toxic gas release, naturally occurred pandemics commanders must, therefore, train plan and exercise with their inter-agency counterparts in preparedness of working in the homeland defense operations.

Other regional commanders can assist the department of defense to protect their homeland through military to military contact programs, and with these functional commanders, they can be able to intercept adversaries defined to attack. Therefore, the United States should be included in planning for homeland defense and civil missions (Mauroni, 2007).


The United States has served points of vulnerable, which terrorist and other enemies may want to exploit and strike land. The major one is the trade that involves the flow of goods and people in and out. Therefore, it is important that the United States free-market economy is crowned with trust. The department of defense while planning for the homeland and civil mission security should not only rely on defensive but be able to make war into the enemies’ territory and disrupt their plans before they attack.