write an article on Should the United Kingdom remain in the European Union. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Should the United Kingdom remain in the European Union. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

The UK joined European Union in 1973 and has remained sceptical of the common currency that has now threatened the competitiveness of the EU economy due to the high sovereign debts of the member states (Pilkington, 2001). UK has sought to exert more influence within the EU to no avail and citizens have mixed reactions of whether the UK should leave the EU or continue with its memberships even after the British Prime Minister rejected the fiscal compact designed to save the future of the EU (Pilkington, 2001).

On the other hand, those in favour of continued membership in the EU assert that countries like Norway and Switzerland still abide by the EU rules without any influence on their formation. David Cameron is of the opinion that UK has participated in EU trade rules formation and thus leaving the EU will allow other countries to dictate the trade rules on UK without the capacity to participate in writing the rules. Thesis statement: the costs of the UK’s membership in the EU far outweigh the benefits and it is time to leave the EU.

Those in favour of the UK leaving the EU to assert that 90 per cent of UK trade does not depend on the EU yet the country is bound by EU rules on trade. In this case, the UK depends on small and medium enterprises for its job creation and economic growth and this sector should be freed from EU regulations (Newman, Sather & Woolgar, 2013). Bilateral trade agreements with emerging economies such as India, Brazil and China is possible through the World Trade Organisation and thus the UK will be capable of enjoying cheaper imports due to favourable and low tariffs associated with the bilateral trade arrangements especially in the food sector (Pilkington, 2001).

The current eurozone crisis is expected to continue for the next decade and the European Central Bank will be called upon to bail out some of the member states from the sovereign debt crisis. The UK is excluded from the euro meaning that it is less vulnerable&nbsp.to the Southern sovereign bonds (Minford& Nowell, 2005). Some argue that UK benefits from foreign direct investments and technology spillovers from the multinational firms from the EU region.&nbsp.