write an article on Ethics in Modern Computer Usage. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Ethics in Modern Computer Usage. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Several techniques have been invented by hackers to gain access to the computers of other people. The invention of the internet serves as a massive medium of communication where all the computers are connected to each other. It gets easy for hackers to gain access to the personal information and data of people via the internet. The latest technology to gain access to someone’s system is to make use of ‘Botnets’. Intruders hide the malicious links in the form of email attachments, links of social networking sites etc. When the user clicks on these links, automated installation of software takes place that makes the computer a ‘bot’. The bot controller might be residing in the network and will be able to perform any function on the bot. Personal information can be accessed via this method and system can also be harmed. At times, bots are used to send spam emails without the knowledge of the user. this also resides in the premise of unethical behavior since the intruder utilizes the resources of the individual without his authorization. These actions go against the ethical premise since it involves harming individuals and accessing their data without their permission. The installation of the malicious software can cause harm ranging from small magnitude too large ones. display of inappropriate messages on the screen of the computer user, ejection of CD drives at regular intervals all come under small issues. Damage of greater extent might even involve the deletion of important information or component installation on the system. Intrusion activities also come under the vicinity of snooping into someone else’s data and monitoring the actions that the user might be performed on someone’s system. The intruder might be silent in the system so he is not detected by the user and would be keeping track of all his computing activities. An example of such kind of an unethical behavior can be to monitor the activities on computers of an organization’s competitor to keep track of new launches and campaigns. Intrusion detection systems have been developed and these systems tend to improve with the passage of the years but intruders also get smarter and still pose a threat for the computer users.