write an article on ethical issues of bitcoins Paper must be at least 2250 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on ethical issues of bitcoins Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Alternatively, Bitcoin remains the leading innovator when it comes to some of the emerging markets in the digital currency world. These aspects are created electronically (Guttmann, 45).

Bit coins are decentralized meaning that they have no ownership and can operate because of the large amounts of computer power, which can be converted into mining. Bit Coins is seen as a future innovation towards the global economy. However, in case the aspect of Bit coins is fully implemented across the globe, then nations across the globe would be using only one currency. Bit coins are the beginning of digital change for the future. Bit coins transactions do not involve any banking transactions hence no banking fee. This aspect allows quick online shopping thus cheaper shopping options for shoppers. With reference to the aspect of Bit coins as an innovation in the market, this study will generally discuss some of the ethical aspects of Bit coins. Alternatively, the paper will elaborate on the cultural influences of Bit Coins in the market.

Currently, Bit coins are one of the most popular currency forms across the globe. According to the Bit coin website, Bit coin is a low-cost form of currency, which gives people the opportunity to exchange money via the internet without bank inferences or destabilizing any authorities. In most cases, the online business allows bitcoins payment to be converted into American dollars or euros. Additionally, Bit coins value can be stored in online wallets, which are heavily encrypted.

Despite all the positivity that comes along with the aspect of Bit coins, there are various ethical issues of using Bit coins (Piderit, 38). Currently, Bit coins are considered a high-risk investment. Generally, the value or the price of coins keeps on fluctuating hence there is no regulation on coins usage over a short period.