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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on eng 105 Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Client’s 27 January We all want to live in an ideal world where there is no hunger and poverty, this utopia is very easy to envision but a lot needs to be done to bring this into reality. As responsible citizens of our countries it is extremely important to help the downtrodden but in reality very little is being done to uplift the standard of the people who belong to the lower strata. Africa is referred to as the “Dark Continent”, it is said so because the inhabitants still live in darkness and ignorance.

Several children and adults die day in, day out in Africa and in other parts of the world because of hunger. “Poor governance is a major issue in many African countries, and one that has serious repercussions for long-term food security,” says a statement by the International Food Policy Research Institute.” (Africa’s Hunger)It is very disheartening to see the authorities playing this blame game, we have been blaming each other for something devastating but it is time to stop this and work in unison to help these underprivileged people.

There is increased awareness these days thanks to sources like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and so on. There are several videos on Youtube showing the fate of young children and adults, who succumb to hunger, this is an ongoing fight to restore parity. “Every year 15 million children die of hunger.” (The World Hunger Problem)The opulent have enough food to feed their pets and shower their unconditional love on these pets but they often refrain from helping people who need their help the most.

Children in Africa can only be saved when the world realizes their problem and unites to solve this long standing problem. Numerous lives have already been lost and many more will succumb to the same in the near future should nothing be done about it. So much food is being wasted each day by different people, fewer children would die in Africa and in other parts of the world should one fourth of the food which gets wasted reach the children. “Throughout the 1990s more than 100 million children will die from illness and starvation.

Those 100 million deaths could be prevented for the price of ten Stealth bombers, or what the world spends on its military in two days!” (The World Hunger Problem)New weapons to destroy each other are being designed by shelling out a fortune almost each day but the people become insensitive when they hear about the suffering of other people. Even young children fail to get the attention when they need it the most. This is very disturbing both emotionally and physically. “Children are the most visible victims of under nutrition.

&nbsp. Children who are poorly nourished suffer up to 160 days of illness each year. Poor nutrition plays a role in at least half of the 10.9 million child deaths each year–five million deaths.” (World Hunger and Poverty)The future looks very bleak for these children, it could get so much better for them should the world understand and work towards solving their grave problem. Works CitedAfrica’s Hunger (2012). BBC News. Web. Retrieved from: The World Hunger Problem (2012). An End to World Hunger. Web. Retrieved from: World Hunger and Poverty (2012).

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