write an article on Distillation Column. It needs to be at least 4250 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Distillation Column. It needs to be at least 4250 words.

Ammonia needed to be separated from a 22,000 aqueous solution through a sieve-plate distillation column. Tube heat exchangers and shell serve as condenser and reboiler, continuously operating for 350 days annually at 20 atm pressure. The feed goes in as a saturated liquid of 0.28 molarity fraction. The ultimate composition of the products is 0.9985 for the distillate product and 0.05 for the bottom product at a calculated efficiency of 46.91%. The steam had a temperature of 225 and pressure of 626.418 psi. The number of trays was 28 with 0.

6m plate spacing for each. The column height and diameter were 21.07m and 3.95m respectively. A computer program, MATLAB, modeled the column conditions at various reflux ratios so as to find the solution to the Ponchon Savarit method yielding an optimum reflux ratio and Root of 1.02483 and 0.7392 respectively. Calculations of the total operating cost on MS-Excel gave USD 21,113,329.98. The group determined the annual cost and the other parameters on MS-Excel. The reflux number, referring to the number of real plates, and values obtained from MATLAB were used.

Details on additional data and tables will be evaluated in the subsequent sections.A distillation column refers to a process of separation used to separate mixtures based on critical factors in the required process. In a chemical unit of ammonia, the recovery of ammonia from an aqueous solution being supplied at a flow rate, F = 22,000 kg mol/hr requires a fresh sieve-plate distillation column. The continuously running column will operate at a pressure of 20 atm with the feed entering as a saturated liquid, having 0.

28 of the molar fraction. The analogous compositions required are 0.9985 Xd for the distillate and 0.05Xw for the bottom products, the efficiency of the process being 0.4691. The optimum reflux ratio, determined to the minimum, was 1.02483. The heat steam cost would escalate the fixed cost with the utility pressure of steam being dependent on the determination of distillation column annual operating cost. In this report, the consequence of changing parameters and the annual cost will be given.