write an article on discerner of hearts: an afro-caribbean discourse Paper must be at least 2750 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on discerner of hearts: an afro-caribbean discourse Paper must be at least 2750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The novel, narrated different stories of Caribbean ways of life, particularly in relation to the group’s attempt to create their self-identity on foreign lands. African-Caribbean cultural identity is demonstrated in the novel as an overall individual identity as well as attributed as a feature of the community.

Moreover, African-Caribbean cultural identity, as illustrated in the novel, emphasized the commonalities among Afro-Caribbean people over time and across space. As shown by the different characters in the novels, identities have changed during periods of adjustment. For the individual, the repercussions are also reflective. There have been arrays of themes explored in the novel such as code-switching and the importance of expressiveness, as well as other qualities of identity management. These can be viewed as components of the enduring and dynamic nature of identity as Afro-Caribbean preserve a sense of self while adapting to challenging situational difficulties. Furthermore, it can be assumed from the content of the novel that cultural identity will be more or less significant for individuals, particularly with respect to the Afro-Caribbean children’s’ worldview, and in specific circumstances. Hence, an Afro-Caribbean may be distressed by behavior that pressures cultural identity in a position in which this identity is not specifically prominent.

To sum it up, the novel placed stress on these particular themes in the outlook of the Afro-Caribbean children: Afro-Caribbean children and youth, education, parenting styles, Afro-Caribbean comradeship, dating, and marital bonds Furthermore, one of the most exploited themes in Olive Senior’s novels is “gardening” as a symbol of the need for identity distinctions and dynamic communications, positioning the garden as a representation of an ambivalent past, breathing space of colonial segregation and postcolonial heredity.

Race, gender, and social&nbsp.status are important elements of Afro-Caribbean identity.&nbsp.