write an article on Classification of Human Beings. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Classification of Human Beings. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The researcher states that humans originated in East Africa what we call the ‘stone age’. It was the end of this age when a drastic change in the culture occurred among human beings. Human beings capability to think in rational ways and to differentiate things is the basis for the classification of humans. The classification and differences in terms of appearance include both the differences in ancestry and also differences in the physical appearance and traits. The most important of all the factors which is the basis for the classification of human beings and which lead to racism and ethnicity are the differences in the color of skin and hair texture of various human beings. Researches show that the place from where the humans originated is the place where most genetically diverse human beings are found. These differences are not very significant. Therefore, the classification of human is also based on the variation in culture or ethnic group. The ethnic groups have the different language, culture, region, ancestors etc. The kinship and self-identification are what the basis for the ethnic group is. These were defined as a ‘race’ in the old years. In a modern world, these are called the ‘ethnic groups’. These groups are differentiated also by their skulls. The history of the classification of these skulls and the method used to measure skulls is discussed next. The method used to measure the skull is known as ‘Phrenology’. This method is based on the fact that the brain is an organ of mind and that the various minds have differences in functions based on their locations and regions. These localized differences in functions are known as the ‘modularity of mind’. This method was started by the German physician&nbsp.Franz Joseph Gall&nbsp.in 1796. It is termed as pseudoscience in the modern era. For the phrenologists, the mind consisted of various mental faculties each of which represents a different area of the brain. Phrenologists believed that the cranial bone matched accordingly with the different sizes of these particular areas of the brain in diverse individuals. Thus, a human’s capacity for a given individuality, character and behavior could be determined by measuring the area of the skull that is corresponding to the specific area of the brain.