Write a 8 pages paper on e-learning motivate individuals to learn and motivate career progression.

Write a 8 pages paper on e-learning motivate individuals to learn and motivate career progression. According to a leading market study, 87% of surveyed organizations possess an intranet, and 28% of these organizations presently use it to deliver training, although this is anticipated to increase to 54% in the next three years. Moreover, the deployment of e-learning for the teaching of ‘soft’ interpersonal management skills is increasing, as more soft skills content is made available and the confidence of training managers in the effectiveness of online learning has improved.

According to Roberts (2006), many online learners neglect their courses complaining that they dont have enough time as some of the courses could only be viewed on the company intranet and the distraction from the other colleagues made it impossible to complete the course during working hours. The importance of completing the course was not clearly emphasized by the management and the immediate supervisor and the course instructor did not check on the learner’s performance thus resulting in de-motivation for the students.

The courses were poorly designed and certain aspects of the modules were relevant to the employees’ job. The course could not be customized according to the learners’ preference, for instance, they were not given a choice of information delivery, i.e. in audio or text.

To further enhance Barab’s (2000) findings, both The Learning Guild (2003) and the University of Glasgow (2003) had used Vincent Tinto’s Retention Model to explain that learners withdraw from their courses either from academic or social integration. Academic integration is when they decide whether the subject is of their interest, is it enjoyable, it provides career development and are they currently satisfied with their results. Social integration refers to the peers that the students have a discussion with, are they comfortable with them and their relationship towards instructors. Having a positive academic and social integration would result in a strong likelihood of course completion.