Write 8 pages with APA style on Democracy and Islam Have Occupied a Central Position in Middle Eastern Politics.

Write 8 pages with APA style on Democracy and Islam Have Occupied a Central Position in Middle Eastern Politics. The case study, written by Tessler and Brand in the year 1995, sheds some light on the present events happening in the Arab world as they reflect some repercussions originating from the historical realms of political Islam and democracy. The subject is of vital importance considering the current trend in Arab politics and its implications on international politics at large. The current events occurring in the Arab world have deep connections with the history of democracy and Islam in the region and can be better understood with regards to the historical trends.

According to Tessler and Brand (1995), Islam has significantly grown in its importance in the Arab world. Such sentiments are visible through the more apparent praying and veiling. And many campaigns seem to rake in a lot of support as they reinforce the Islamic banner. Such support can materialize into a successful election of the candidate provided that an electoral poll takes place. However, not all scholars agree with the supposed positive correlation between democracy and Islam. Many scholars argue that democracy and Islam are incompatible. To make a statement about the issue requires serious study into the current air prevailing across the Arab world while also seeking guidance from the theoretical frameworks. Political Islam is usually viewed as a conflicting concept to secularism or other liberal forms of democracy. However, in the Arab world, it is almost impossible to eliminate religion from political systems. The events of the Arab Spring demonstrated the need to reconsider the relationship between Islam and democracy as ideological rivals. Individual protests during the Arab spring grew immensely strong eventually changing the political system from authoritarian to democratic. More&nbsp.important is the fact that the events gave rise to the creation of Islamist parties that are eager to take part in the democratic elections and therefore, come to power (Malinova, 2012).&nbsp.

The Islamic concept of governance and power holds critical importance in international relations, particularly in the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region, where Islam is a major religion that governs life.