Write 6 pages with APA style on A New Approach for the Latino Community.

Write 6 pages with APA style on A New Approach for the Latino Community. Latinos are a term used for the people who belong to Latin America. This region consists of each country, each with its unique language, culture, and identity. But their immigration to other countries of the world like the United States of America and Spain have crushed their individual identity and made them popular as a collective unit, yet considered a minority and treated with biases and prejudice. This discrimination and highlight of a community aspect of Latinos have been mostly brought forward by the Spanish media, whether it be the television, newspapers, radio, or the likes. Such media propagation by any country gives further impetus to different countries to form stereotypes and biases for these people. An Argentinian has a totally different culture than the Bolivian who lives in the U.S., a Brazilian has different beliefs than a Colombian who works in the U.S., and Ecuadorian will have different thought processes than a person from Panama who study together in U.S. Such differences need to be highlighted. Latin America’s rich and diverse cultural needs to be brought in front of the world but what media does is only show a cross-section of population from Latin America, collectively labels them as Latinos, and ignores the diversity available in the region.

Other topics would just have been an addition to the database of various papers who talk about Latinos. But talking about the injustice that they go through and the situation of being referred to as “Latinos” puts them in an advantageous position as a community and at a disadvantage when it comes to their individuality. This ambiguous situation is difficult to weigh and talked about rarely. The Latinos know what they go through but I, being a student, subjected to the study of Latino culture, want to unravel their range of cultures and individuality as written and argued by prominent authors.

Many authors have written on the subject of Latino identity in the U.S. and propagation by the Spanish Media. Let us analyze each book and what went into the writing of each.