Write 6 pages thesis on the topic employment trend in information systems management.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic employment trend in information systems management. First off, I should realize what the Universities can do in order to make me the best of the IS employee out there since every great man probably started in one. Universities are aware of the importance of computers these days. Life simply cannot function without them. Therefore, there is a steady need for people that would know how to install, operate, program, and analyze the system, and Universities are prepared just to provide this personnel. Universities are offering varying computer science programs. The industry expects a lot from these. The industry expects these programs to adequately equip the graduates with knowledge on management systems analysis, computer concepts, data processing, database design, file organization, database management systems. The graduates in order to qualify also need to be very adept in planning and controlling of systems projects, analyzing information needs, using computer systems, organizing structures and information systems as well as human relations in systems development. The potential employee should at least understand the workings of statistics, and operations research. The graduates, when they have been studying still should have already been exposed to the industry through field projects. Finally, the University should have familiarized all the graduates it had produced with COBOL, a computer language and the students should be very knowledgeable with computer control and auditing. (Hinomoto, 405-406)

Of course, a university education could only get one aspirant so far. He would probably land an interview but in the end, do not get hired. There are, of course, qualities that should be inherent and learned by a person in order to fulfill the job requirements as well as please their bosses, prominent figures in the information systems management field. Knowing technical computer stuff just won’t cut it for everyone.

Computers and their processes can change quickly in a blink of an eye, all it takes is one innovative idea and this will set forth numerous transformations in the field as well. Therefore, it is acknowledged that the job requirements and the associated knowledge or skills needed from the Information Systems professionals would change quite as rapidly as well. The need to improve IS human resources is a highly prioritized and a person who could provide that would be most welcome to join the group of IS professionals.

Specifically, an employed person in the information systems management industry should possess these skills. First is the technical specialty knowledge, for instance, knowledge on operating systems, programming languages, database management systems, networks, telecommunications, and other more. And then, the person must be adept with technology management knowledge skills. These are concerned with how to organize these technologies in order to accomplish strategic business objectives. Then these lead us to the person needing sufficient business functional knowledge and skills. After all, most of these technologies are in use to achieve business goals. Therefore, they have to have business sense so they can re-engineer business processes.&nbsp.