Write 5 pages with APA style on Social Class and Inequality.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Social Class and Inequality. Carefully focusing on Chapter 13:Social Class and Inequality, they have described the aspect of a discrepancy between the living standards of individuals in the articles highlighted therein Angela Locke’s article ‘Born Poor and Smart focuses on the aspect of poverty and intelligence. She appreciates the fact that people’s unguided and unexamined thoughts are that in case one is smart he or she cannot by any means be poor and still that the poor are not smart, but she presents to us a very striking and unexpected thought through the experiences she has had with her mother who has dwindled in poverty, however, smart she is. We are faced with the same challenge of the stereotypes we have about the poor as we tend to think that the causes of poverty in America are just that which we believe rather there are several other indicators of social mobility including focusing on persistence and perseverance as well hard work avoiding the attitudes of the middle and upper class as echoed in (Lindsey, 2008).

In her article “Born Smart and Poor” Angela Locke critically examines the misguided thinking of people that the poor are not clever enough to free themselves of this menace of poverty and still those that are smart cannot be poor (Lindsey, 2008). However, she views it differently on the account of the experiences she has gone through having seen her mother languish in poverty yet she was smart. She narrates the ordeals her mother has to pass through despite the knowledge she acquired from the several books she used to read. Her mother is contrasted greatly with other workers she finds in various other workplaces plus and including some of her bosses whom she simply cannot just share the knowledge she has acquired from the books she reads. Angela asserts that her mother did not deserve to do the works she did. She deserved more than but the question of whom to help her climb or get into that better job arises. Through this hard work and unfailing efforts of her mother, perseverance in these unskilled works she wakes up to every morning. Locke is enrolled in a college. This is where her mother’s intelligence was to pay, having seen two of her four children complete college.