Write 5 pages with APA style on Divorce Harms Children.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Divorce Harms Children. Conflicts often lead to despair reflected through the child’s immaturity, poor performance at the school level, social segregation, poor level of cognitive development, and lack of confidence. Childhood as a formative period of human life bears immense importance for the future development of adulthood. It deserves a detailed discussion on the possible harmful effects on a child arising from a divorce of his parents. Furthermore, it is also interesting to note whether it bears any positive fruit for the child as well.

Divorce is a multifaceted problem and the level of its misdeed depends upon the associated individuals. In this era of price inflation, cost of living is kissing the zenith. In this circumstance, a divorce will always bring certain financial bottleneck for most of the individuals. For a single mother who is not working, it is hard to bring up her child with the present level of social security. Such a financial setback might lay hurdle in the progress of the child’s education and career building. Again, the financial bottleneck can get reflected through his clothing and toys or recreational tools. This brings in the certain level of envy towards his other mates. A child tends to understand and feel the world from his immediate surroundings and the people he has the closest access to. Hence the way he interprets the world and its people depends a lot on the kind of parenthood he gets. The level of insecurity that he is subject to from his very childhood might turn him into an introvert and also a kind of distrust gets embedded in his young heart.

A child with a single parent might find himself socially misfit since from the very beginning of childhood he distinguishes himself from others since he finds himself under the care of single parents, unlike many others who are getting the attention from both the father and the mother.