Write 5 pages thesis on the topic should students live on or off campus.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic should students live on or off campus. Students living on campus spend most of their time in schoolroom environment (“University at Buffalo”). This helps them to interact among themselves and their professors thus allowing for an introduction part to university-level learning. This however leads to the development of different ideas, views and believes on educationally based issues. Classroom environment provides the student with an organized and continuous learning opportunity. Interaction amongst students and the professors mostly in lecture halls or classrooms allows for information transmission that is essential in shaping one’s individual thoughts. There are many learning resource available for the campus resident students. They have easy accessibility to study groups, computer labs, recreational centers, library online systems as well as internet among other resources. In addition, they are capable of both studying in their respective sleeping places with minimal or without undue disturbances from noise or any other kinds of distractions. Staying on campus in most cases leads to encouraging performances.

The on campus students have more time to participate in extracurricular activities as compared to off campus ones. Extracurricular activities are essential and contribute to both physical and psychological development of an individual (“University at Buffalo”). This activities mentor talented students as well as help others discover their talents because it is through practice that one realizes his or her potentials or goals. In addition, these practices are cheap and readily available for students who stay on campus because they have enough time besides availability of the required facilities, equipments and tools. Extracurricular activities are a supplement ofclass lessons, for instance, physical education commonly used to reduce stress as well as making one fit.&nbsp.Hence, enabling students to implement what they have so far learned in a class settings adequately.&nbsp.