Write 3 pages thesis on the topic human diversity in sexuality.

Write 3 pages thesis on the topic human diversity in sexuality. Learning about sexual development is fun because finding parts played by both stereotypes and gender roles in a society is not only of great importance but also of very great influential regardless of how someone may categorize and identify themselves. Boys identify themselves as being boys by acting and dressing like ones as well as liking a variety of things that boy likes. Those expectations offered to both men and women with regard to sexual behavior and gender role seems to be very intriguing because it questions cultural expectations that are held for each sex. For instance, men and women are not only differentiated by their sex organism but also by their different occupations in the society like a man taking care of the cattle while women taking care of the house and children. Furthermore, getting knowledge from psychological and biological perspectives provides me with a range of better understanding of how distinctive people can be and how they feel as well.

After covering the topic called sexuality in young adulthood, I had really gained a wide knowledge involving solitary sex, sexual fantasies of people containing distinct sexualities, sex with other such as touching, kissing, foreplay among others, various techniques and positions constituted in sexual intercourse and the three R,s, that is reflected, review and recite. Each of the aspects mentioned above is both fun to explore and interesting to learn about and that is why this topic on sexuality in young adulthood was my favorite one in class. However, it was considered weird if boys did things that girls could do comfortably and vice versa. It was comfortable and acceptable for girls kissing in a party and weird if boys did that, it was also comfortable for boys masturbating but weird if girls did that. But to my own perception, I consider both boys and girls being looked at evenly, boys should be criticized for doing girly things the same case with girls for being masculine.

To me, the Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of love is very interesting with regard to learning sex. It includes passion, commitment, and intimacy, convincing me of its importance because all of these three factors must be present in a thriving, healthy relationship. Moreover, I find it interesting for Hendricks’s styles of love because the Ludus, Eros, agape, mania, pragma, and philia provide me with a better understanding of how and why the operational key maintains a victorious relationship.

In my part, I also find it both funny and interesting to learn different paraphilias and aphrodisiacs related to sexual intercourse. Things like rhino horns and Spanish flies are all on my fingertips and I will always live to remember. Furthermore, I also got familiar with various things that enhanced my knowledge on this topic concerning sex. I never knew that there existed Johnson and Master’s sexual response cycle, Kaplan’s sexual response model, and the different kinds of orgasms contained in women.