Write 2 pages with APA style on Leadership Styles and Conflict Resolution.

Write 2 pages with APA style on Leadership Styles and Conflict Resolution.

The second leadership quality is the focus. A leader who is focused on his job tends to work better and relate well with his/her employees. For example, if a leader is not sure about what he/she is doing, how can people be sure of him/her and what he is doing? This makes the employees lose respect for the leader and tend to withdraw the existing respect they had for the leader. The third leadership quality is respect. Respect is always applicable in all fields. A good leader must pay respect to his/her employees or group members.

If a leader respects his/her members, the members of the group will also respect him. It will start by treating people with equal perspectives with no ranks or classes (Bass and Ruth 201). The leadership is participative or democratic leadership. This type of leadership calls for participation from group members in helping the leader run errands of the group. This type of leadership is used when the errands of the group are at a standstill. A collective or participative type of decision making is used during this type of leadership.

This means that members help the leader to make decisions for the group, and thus, everyone contributes to decision making (Bass and Ruth 241).At some point in high school, I was captain of the basketball team. It reached a time when there was one student who was a drug addict, but he was the best player on the team. The team patron announced that we should do away with him or else the team would not participate in the competitions that were due in one week. I called for a meeting with the team, and I laid down the topic for discussion.

I used participative leadership to arrive at a decision. The team resolved to do away with the student so as to participate in the competitions.I was in conflict with my little sister at home. My little sister and I had picked a fight over watching television. We wanted to watch television programs, and we disagreed because everyone wanted to watch his own program. I had to employ a cooperative conflict style to resolve this conflict. Since she was my little sister, I had to cooperate with her so that she watches her program so that she becomes happy.

Competitive conflict style would not have worked since it would continue the fight instead of resolving it.