Write 10 pages with APA style on Analyse the external marketing environment &consumer buyer behaviour.

Write 10 pages with APA style on Analyse the external marketing environment &consumer buyer behaviour. In addition, the level of ‘supply and demand’ (Hisrich, 2000, p.16) in a market denotes the market’s economic potentials, thus it is considered as a factor that can influence the market’s economic environment. In regard to the promotion of iPhone 6 in China the country’s economic environment needs to be checked in order to decide whether Chinese consumers would be able to pay for the specific product or not.

As for the technological environment, this refers to the ‘means used for transforming materials into goods and services’ (Sahaf 2008, p.57). In other words, in each country the technological environment denotes the country’s performance in regard to manufacturing and services (Lancaster and Reynolds 2005). The technological environment of China would be checked when developing the marketing plan for iPhone 6. indeed, in a market where products of advanced technology are highly appreciated the chances of iPhone to achieve high sales would be more, as also explained in the next section.

The economic environment can highly impact the sales of iPhone 6. The influence of economic environment on the particular product would have the following form: a) in regard to local economic environment: in case of the increase of unemployment, as related to the decrease of the income, people in China would face difficulties in buying this product (West et al. 2010). also, if inflation across the country is increased then the prices of products would follow a similar path. In this case, consumers could decide that they do not want to pay a significantly high price for the particular product (West et al.2010), b) in regard to the global economic environment: the increase of turbulences in global markets or the possible appearance of a strong financial crisis at international level could make Chinese consumers less willing to pay for products of high technology, such as the iPhone 6.