Who can do it

Week Two


Develop the project scope statement and the project charter. 

Construct the work breakdown structure (WBS) in Microsoft® Project® 2007. 

Design the communication plan.


Identify the key stakeholder groups and their project information needs.

Create a table in Microsoft® Word summarizing what information will be produced during the project lifecycle, including


status and issues reports.

the target audience for each type of information.

when each type of information will be available.

how the information will be communicated.

who is responsible for producing the information.


Week Three


Develop the project schedule in Microsoft Project 2007.

Explain the rationale behind time and cost estimation methods and why you chose one method over another.

Determine the project budget.


Week Four: 


Develop the risk management plan.


Identify at least five specific risks that are applicable to the Riordan project. 

Create a risk assessment matrix table in Microsoft® Word. For each risk identified


quantify the likelihood and probability of the risk occurring.

identify the effect of the risk.

provide an overall risk assessment score.

estimate when the risk could occur.

explain how you would mitigate each risk.


Develop the change control management plan.


Describe how changes to the project scope, timeline, and budget for the Riordan project will be requested, reviewed, approved, reported, and communicated. 

Identify who will be responsible for managing the change control process, reviewing and approving the change requests, and communicating the approved changes to project stakeholders. 

Explain the role of change control management and discuss how changes to the project schedule and project budget will be managed.


Week Five


Include the following sections of the Project Execution, Monitoring and Control Paper in your final project:


Identify the steps taken to assemble, develop, and manage the project team.

Explain how you will manage project execution.

Explain the importance of project sponsorship and project leadership during project execution.

Identify the method of measuring and reporting project progress and performance.


Explain the rationale for your choice of method.


Week Six


Submit your final project.


Incorporate project management deliverables into a comprehensive project plan.

Include additional sections describing the project retrospective process and the project closedown process that was followed for the project.

Determine how the project retrospective process and the project closedown steps relate to each other and to the overall project structure.

Submit comprehensive project management plan as a Microsoft® Word document.

Develop a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of no more than 10-slides illustrating the main points from the Riordan Manufacturing Project Management Plan.