Concerns about ABA-based interventions

Study Questions:  Concerns about ABA-based interventions

Leaf, J.B., Cihon, J. H., Leaf, R., McEachin, J., Liu, N., Russell, N., Unumb, L., Shapiro, s., & Khosrowshahi, D. (2021). Concerns about ABA-based intervention:  An evaluation and recommendations. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

DOI: 10.1007/s10803-021-05137-y. PMID: 34132968


  1. What were the two purposes of the article?
  2. Discuss concerns expressed by some autism rights and neurodiversity activists about the work of Lovaas and the YAP (include outcomes and recommendations; should be about ½ page in length).
  3. Pick one of the terms discussed in the article and describe it as a behavior analyst and then as the general public. Discuss how the differing definitions may lead to disagreements/differing views among them.
  4. Discuss recommendations that were made regarding the concern that ABA-based interventions  are abusive or lead to negative outcomes (speak to three of the five).
  5. What was your overall impression of the information presented in the article? Do you agree with the concerns and recommendations? What did you find surprising?