Role of worker in keeping himself

Based on the readings and videos this week, reflect on the reasons the young workers were injured or killed. Discuss the following:

  • What role does the employer play in keeping workers safe and what role does the worker play in keeping himself or herself safe at work?
  • If you have had or currently have a job, have you every thought about the potential hazards of your job? Do you recognize any potential hazards?
  • Have you ever had any health and safety training?
  • What strategies could you use to keep yourself safe at work?
  • Did you get any education about health and safety hazards you might encounter at work or about what rights to a safety and healthy workplace you have in school or from any employer?
  • Talking Safety – after reviewing the core competencies
  • Links to an external site.
  • and the program overview
  • Download program overview
  • Do you think your 8th to 12th grade self would have benefited from this information?


  1. Young Workers: You Have Rights – OSHA
  2. Links to an external site.
  3. . Review the material on the website, including reading the tabs about your rights, employer responsibilities and the hazards young workers face at common jobs.
  4. Young Worker Safety and Health – NIOSH
  5. Links to an external site.
  6. . Review the material on the website and specifically read:
  7. Teen Injuries at Work
  8. Links to an external site.
  9. . Once on the page, read and review the content under the tabs: Stats and Stories, Hazards, What to do if you get hurt on the job.
  10. Skilled. Ready Workforce Program – NIOSH
  11. Links to an external site.
  12. – read program description, vision and mission, and foundational OSH Competencies. The NIOSH Competencies may be delivered to young workers and other high-risk groups through a free, fun, and interactive curriculum, Youth@Work—Talking Safety
  13. Links to an external site.