What kind of need does product satisfy based on a hierarchy of needs pyramid?

The term project has two parts. Part 1 Parent CompanyPick a public company in the United States. In this part of your term project you will prepare a company report. Company report will include the following:(Minimum 2 pages) Current Business: Provide details of current business description of the company. This part also should include the following information-Current major brands of the company ​-Product Lines ​-Major Competitors​-Financial information such as revenues, profits research and development expenditures​-SWOT analysis for the company​- How environmental forces can affect the company. (Minimum 2 pages) Part 2 New ProductIn this part you need to check current products of the company and come up with a new product idea that suits well on to the current product portfolio of the company, your innovativeness is also an important criteria. The product has to be a consumer product. Pick a name for your product and explain your reasoning. You can also design a logo for it but it is optionalProvide a report about:2-1) Product and Competition-Description and benefits of the product. Type of the product (Convenience Product, Shopping Product, Specialty Product or Unsought product)-What kind of need does product satisfy based on a hierarchy of needs pyramid? Why ?-SWOT analysis-Apply Porter 5 forces model. (Minimum 1 page) 2-2) SegmentationPick a target market for the new product, choose three of the following segmentation base and explain the reasoning of the segmentation. ​”Geographic Segmentation (this is the base, each of the below is a variable)region of the countrymarket sizemarket densityclimate Demographic Segmentation (this is the base, each of the below is a variable)age segmentationgender segmentationincome segmentationethnic segmentationfamily life-cycle segmentation​Psychographic Segmentation ​Benefit Segmentation ​Usage-Rate SegmentationFurther, decide (here again, justify) which strategy for selecting target markets you will be using:​Undifferentiated targeting​Concentrated targeting​Multisegment targeting “1 (Minimum 1 page) 2-3) PriceSet a price for your product. Which pricing objective you will pursue (justify your choice):”Profit-orientedProfit maximizationSatisfactory profitsTarget return on investmentsSales-orientedMarket share (units or dollars)Sales maximizationWhich pricing strategy you will follow (justify your choice):Price Skimming/Premium PricingPenetration Pricing/Discounting”2 2-4) Channels”Choose which of the following distribution channels would be most adequate for your product (justify your choice in terms of market factors, product factors and producer factors):Producer- ConsumersProducer-Retailers – ConsumersProducer – Wholesalers – Retailers – ConsumersProducer -Agents or Brokers – Wholesalers – Retailers – ConsumersWhat level of distribution intensity will your product require and why?Intensive distributionSelective distributionExclusive distribution”3 2-5) PromotionDecide which tools for consumer and trade sales promotion you will use (justify your choices):Consumer Sales Promotion:CouponsPremiumsLoyalty Marketing ProgramsContests and SweepstakesSamplingPoint-of-Purchase Displays”4 2-6) AdvertisingCreate a slogan for your new product and explain your reasoning. (Minimum 3 pages for price, channels, promotion, advertising) APPENDIXAdd your graphs, figures and pics to the appendix. Please cite If the original work belongs to another resource.