What are your society’s traditional expectations for men? How much pressure do these expectations impose?


Students are expected to write their initial post no later than Wednesday of the week and respond to two colleagues’ posts by the end of the assigned week (Sunday)

The discussion forums are not optional, nor are the discussion forum responses.
Active participation in weekly discussions is essential. Active participation requires the student to develop a substantive initial posting for each weekly discussion assigned by the instructor. The students may state their opinions in the post, but they must have resources to support their assertions. Agreeing or providing an opinion is not a sufficient response to the discussion.

Discussion forums initial response

The student initial discussion forum posting must be a minimum of 200 words and include in-text citations and references. This citation and reference may not be course materials. The student must list their reference source at the end of the posting. All posts must be posted directly to the forum do not post any responses as an attachment. Complete citations and reference must meet the standards of the APA style.

Discussion Forum Peer Responses

The student must respond to the discussion of two of their peers. The responses to peers also need to be substantive that will contribute to the discussion by asking questions, respectfully debating positions, and present supportive material related to the topic. Generic responses to a peer’s discussion post are not sufficient and the student will not receive full credit for that response. We expect students to build on ideas and add to the body of knowledge by conducting limited, peer-reviewed research. If the student post before or after the due date/time, he or she will not receive credit. The grades for the discussion forum initial and peer responses will be graded according to the rubric. Please check grammar and spelling before submitting a discussion post.