what are two example of the impact the internet has had on media?

1.     One of the biggest problems on the internet is __ because it is so easy to anyone to post information.

–       No information

–       Too much information

–       Too little information

–       Reliable information

2.     Effective advertising is able to observe new cultural values and recreate them as____

–       Symbols of consumerism

–       Depiction of power

–       Ideals of traditional values

–       Example of success

3.     Video games first became accessible to the general public_____

–       On a home system

–       On a phone

–       At a video aracde

–       At college

4.     Computer games reached a new level of popularity with what two developments?

–       A surge of female games  players

–       The ability to play with others over internet

–       Creating three-dimensional worlds

–       The consolidation of manufactures

5.     which of these are two reasons that video games have been accepted as an educational tool?

–       Playing games helps develop visual processing skills

–       Educational games can replace teachers

–       Playing games is easier than going to classroom

6.     Building a company’s positive image through public relation campaign is an example of___

–       Synchronizing

–       Underwriting

–       Branding

–       Marketing

7.     The evolution of movies has shown the impact the society has on the films that are produced, as well as many ways that___

–       Films educate children

–       The movie industry ignores the audience

–       Are a venue for connecting with actors

–       Films shape our culture’s habits and beliefs

8.     Growth in the early stage of email and the internet was spurred on by___

–       The naming system developed by AOL

–       The folder system developed by yahoo

–       The naming system developed by Rat Tomlinson

–       The friend system created by Mark Zuckerberg

9.     The most difficult form of the media to monitor for legal issues is ____

–       Print

–       The internet

–        Radio

–       television

10.  what are two example of the impact the internet has had on media?

–       Writing a letter to your favorite author

–       Reading the newspaper in the morning

–       Watching a protest march in livestream

–       Playing guitar simultaneously with five friends, all different locations

11.  Television in the 1960s reflected the audience need to escape the troubled times. By the 1970s , TV was reflecting social upheaval controversial subject. Which two shows bellow reflected the escapist era television.

–       All the family

–       Gilligan’s family

–       The Brandy bunch

–       The Beverly hillbillies

12.  As a brand, apple has appealed to which American cultural ideal

–       Safety

–       Individualism

–       Faith

–       None

13.  Which two of these are considered exceptions to free speech according to US law?

–       Security

–       Paraphrasing

–       Hate speech

–       Incitement to crime

14.  From the period, known as ____, emerged some of the greatest films of all times.

–       The bronze age

–       The silver age

–       The golden age

–       The platinum age