Limitations of outsourcing components

Module IV: Materials


  • This week we explore MEEC gatherings and Event Organizing Association. The textbook (ch. 7-9, 13, 16) and the materials below will provide background on this case as well as help you understand multiple viewpoints on the issue. You will need to use the materials outlined on this page to participate in the discussion

Key Concepts

  • Planning MEEC Gatherings
  • Event Organizing Association


Discussion Questions:

  • Discussion 1: What are the benefits and limitations of outsourcing components (housing, registration, F & B, entertainment, etc.) of a MEEC activity? What are some typical “product and/or services” that are outsourced? In your opinion, is this an effective strategic approach? Please provide examples where appropriate.
  • Discussion 2: Take a look at the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. As an event planner and marketer, what planning and marketing advice would you offer to organizers in increasing marketing effectiveness, ROI, and sponsorship? Feel free to be as broad or as specific as you wish in your responses.”