Western Civilization II Unit VIII Annotated Bibliography

Unit VIII Annotated Bibliography


In this unit, you will submit the final version of your annotated bibliography. The requirements for this unit include the following:

ï‚· Your chosen topic statement/intention related to the last 400 years in Western Civilization.

ï‚· Five reputable sources in 6th edition APA format ï‚· Annotation paragraphs after each of the five sources

 All Unit VI components are to be resubmitted—with revisions based on professor feedback—as part of Unit VIII grade

ï‚· A 200-300 word perspective essay discussing how you could apply the ability to find, identify, and evaluate information to your specific discipline. Be sure to cite any references using APA format. 


Must be orginal work because I have to upload this assignment and its the last assignment it its most of my grade and no copy and paste and my Professor uses a system that checks for plagirism.


APA Format


Book Refernce:Levack, B. P., Muir, E., & Veldman, M. (2011). The West: Encounters & transformations (Vol. 2: Since 1550) (3rd ed). New York, NY: Longman.