1.Conscription, better known as the draft


Conscription, better known as the draft, was re-established in 1948 and required the registration of every eligible young man who was 18 and over. The draft continued through war and peacetime up until its end with the Vietnam War when military service reverted to an all-volunteer.  Please respond to your choices from the questions below using at least 250 words.

  1. Were the United States to engage in a new military offense and the President re-instates the draft and your number is called, will you go to war? Would you volunteer for military service? How might serving in a war impact you or your family? Does considering the possibility of mandatory war service affect how you view war? If so, how?
  2. Is serving in a military where you may be asked to fight in a war a moral or ethical obligation? When is it and when is it not? Does tradition have a role in military service and war? What is that role? Does myth?
  3. What about veteran’s returning from war? How is the return and re-integration into society handled? How does their service and return potentially positively or negatively affect the rest of society?