Week 1 Application


Application: Developing Your Professional Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

Throughout this course, you will learn about the various philosophies, theories, and influential thinkers who have shaped (and are shaping) education today. Based on this growing knowledge and the critical issues that you will be challenged to consider, you will develop a five-part Professional Philosophy of Teaching and Learning. You will submit Parts 1–3 in Week 3, and Parts 4–5 in Week 5.

Each week, the Application Assignment will present questions to inspire your thinking and contribute to a section of your Professional Philosophy of Teaching and Learning. Certainly, throughout your career your philosophy will continue to grow, change, broaden, and deepen as your knowledge of and experience working with children and their families increases.

Part 1: My Ideal Educational System Based on Classical Thinking

To complete the first section of your Professional Philosophy of Teaching and Learning:

  • Review Plato’s and Aristotle’s ideas, theories, and philosophies related to education. Reflect on your own ideas, theories, and philosophy with regard to education based on your experience and the knowledge you have gained of classical thinking this week. Think about your ideal educational system (early childhood through young adulthood). Then, summarize your thoughts, incorporating the ideas, theories, and/or philosophies that you chose from Plato and Aristotle. Be sure to credit the philosophers in order to illustrate how their thinking contributed to your vision of education at its best.

Assignment length: 1 page

Note: You are not required to submit your assignment this week. Parts 1, 2, and 3 will be submitted at the end of Week 3.