Was it the right choice for me at this point in my life or could it even be reachable?

DIscussion response APA 200

“A goal is a level of proficiency or standard of behavior we wish to attain within a specified period of time” (De Janasz, Dowd & Schneider, 2015).  I wanted to start off with this reference because this was how I looked at going back to school. I needed to set a goal for myself in order to get started. I am a 42-year-old male and I have decided to get my bachelors and enter the physician’s assistant program here at Keiser University.  I have been in the medical field for about 20 years now and feel the need to further my career. Goal-setting comes into play because I can’t just apply for the program and expect to get in. With goal-setting, you see many different ways to get to your end result. One way of motivation for me to achieve my goal would be to shadow a doctor and witness how they help sick.  This would allow me to see what I could do to better my skills and keep me sharp in the medical field. Productivity is another goal-setting benefit because working towards a goal actually creates productivity.  I also needed to see the value of what I was trying to achieve. Was it the right choice for me at this point in my life or could it even be reachable? My wife, kids, friends and boss played heavy on this discussion because they would ultimately be my main support. I needed to first see if this was a goal that could be reached due to having a full time job, a wife and kids. While reading through chapter 3, I read how goal-setting can really help someone make real changes and help with achieving their goals. I also learned about instrumental values and it is the “how’s” of goal-setting. Instrumental values would help me in reaching my end goal by keeping me in love with getting my physician’s assistant degree. The terminal values are where I see myself at the end of my goal. This is the reason I want reach my goal of becoming a PA, because I can see a much happier life and I will know that I help make people better.