Visual Culture in Jane Austen’s World

AHVS 346C: Visual Culture in Jane Austen’s World

Research Assignment Stage 3


Assignment: This is the final culmination of your original research – you made it! Here is where you put together all the efforts of your previous 2 Stages. This will look slightly different for everyone but the focus remains on your primary object and sources. From here you build your final essay.

The Specifics:

  • Ensure that your name, student number, course number, and final word count (3000 words, give or take 10%) all appear on the first page. Presentations will be 15min.
  • Ensure your citations (foot notes and bibliography) are consistent. Use your resources well! For oral presentations, these will be submitted as below at the time of your presentation.
  • This assignment assesses your ability to follow instructions, conduct research in the library, write a cohesive essay at a third-year level, and utilise primary sources. I will be looking for at least 8 different sources. Journals accessed via the internet are fair game but, on the whole, avoid online ‘sources’ and aim for variety!
  • Plagiarism WILL NOT be tolerated. See your syllabus and the University of Victoria Calendar for details. Understanding what constitutes plagiarism is your responsibility and is vital as it could result in a failing grade or worse.

Due: November 23-29 2022 will be in-class presentations; written assignments November 25, 2022, 2pm. You will submit your work via BrightSpace in .pdf .doc or .docx format. Failure to do this (if I have to chase you up for formatting) will result in a 1% deduction. This is worth 30% of your final grade; please review my lateness policies.